Welcome to my web page. I am a writer, but as yet I am unpublished. Never mind that, I write because I love to write. Within these pages I will introduce you to some of the best parts of my life; my writings, my adventures, travels and the places that have moved me. I will also introduce my characters. I hope that you enjoy following along with me. Please feel free to give me feed back. I look forward to hearing from you!


I was raised in the downtown section of Phoenix, Arizona. Until I reached the age of 19 the only wildlife experience I had known were related to zoos, television and the pigeons in my yard. I spent my youth gathering “critters” and plants around me, usually from vacant lots where homes were being torn down to make way for parking garages and apartment buildings. I married young and moved to Wyoming where a series of epiphanies lead me to the life I live today.

Before my move to Wyoming I had never experienced the vastness of open spaces where the wind speaks to your soul and carries you back in time. The shape of the land, the abundance of wild things and the sheer rawness of the elements in Wyoming struck me profoundly. Places can do that to you.

Many years, many jobs, many moves, a second marriage and two daughters later I went to college. I received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces where I had the privilege to learn, work beside and serve as a teaching assistant to some very bright professors and inspirational students. My learning experiences in the classroom, lab and field were deeply enriched by the people, and characters, that shared those spaces with me.

My career as a biologist began in 1993. I have enjoyed working as a biologist and manager on refuges since that time. Throughout the rest of my career I will work to protect the natural resources of this country while I try to create an atmosphere of trust and growth for employees and volunteers. My personal goal is to describe and write about the refuges and wild places I love and frequently visit in the genre that most interests me; mysteries.

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