Yellowstone Vacation

We headed out early one morning for a 3,300 mile road trip that would take us westward into the Badlands and Black Hills of South Dakota, the northern reaches of Wyoming to the Snake River in Idaho and back to Des Moines, Iowa. It would be a long trip, but the Prius is comfortable for long drives and it gets great gas mileage. We headed west on I-80 and then north on 29 into South Dakota. The Loess Hills were beautiful from a distance but we didn't stop to enter them on this trip, nor did we stop to enjoy the wide stretches of the Missouri River as we followed its eastern bank into South Dakota. We had a long way to go and we wanted to get started. Gary and I love to take road trips together. We enjoy the time alone discovering and exploring new things. I'm going to share “snapshots” of the things we found along the way. Some of the photos from the first couple of days seem to have a spiritual light in them. While it looks kind of cool, its just smudges from my Grandson's nose the last time I took photos of him. I apologize for poor quality photos – smudges and all. Oh well.

Our first day would cover the distance between Des Moines and Keystone, SD. Along the way we took a side trip into Mitchell, S.D., to see the “famous” Corn Palace and snap a photo. The Corn Palace is a uniquely folk art icon (the brochure touts) that was built in 1892. Early settlers displayed their agricultural bounty on the building's exterior to prove the fertility of the soil and attract immigrant farmers to settle there. I can imagine what sort of ritual celebrations might have accompanied this effort back in the day. The tradition continues today and each year a new decorating theme is chosen and the building is redecorated. I'd imagine they'd have to do it fresh each year...I don't want to think of the consequences. Anyway, over 3,000 bushels of rye, oat heads and sour dock, along with 275 ears of corn (sawed in half) are used to decorate the outer walls. These folks love to brag about those crops!



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