Twin Falls Animal Shelter

We were about 40 miles east of Twin Falls, Idaho at a truck stop when I found a kitten that had been abandoned. It was orange and white with long hair but it was dirty all over. Its little feet were black from running around on the blacktop and it was terrified. As I stepped out of the convenience store, it ran up next to me and hid behind a garbage can. I picked the little fellow up and proceeded to ask around to find the person who owned it. I thought maybe it had gotten out of one of the cars and they hadn't noticed. No such luck. Evidently dumping helpless kitties at that truck stop was common practice. The young woman at the counter gave us the address of the nearest shelter and Gary and I headed out, 10 miles northeast, to Paul, Idaho to see if the shelter there could take the kitty. Unfortunately, that shelter was for dogs only. Very distraught now, I was beginning to envision myself hauling a kitty over 1,600 miles, all the way home. I was committed to ensuring this kitten's safety. I could see the look on Gary's face that it wasn't a good idea to mention a trip home with it. I already have my two boys, Handsome and Simon, at home. It wouldn't be fair to either of them and this kitten looked tired and weak. I doubted a long car trip would bode well for him. The shelter in Paul gave us the phone number and address to a shelter in Twin Falls, but when we called they were closed for lunch. Entering the address in the navigational system of the Prius we headed to Twin Falls, little kitty still in my lap looking very tired but a little less frightened. We tried the phone number again and this time a cheerful woman answered who told us, without hesitation, to bring the little fellow in. I was tremendously relieved. I was even more relieved when we arrived at the shelter. I saw a fairly new building with a fenced back lawn. I could see dogs loose in that lawn, socializing and generally enjoying a day outside. What I did not hear was the frantic barking or howling of dogs and cats that wanted out. We walked in the front door and we were greeted with a cool, clean, quiet space and several cats and dogs wandering around loose. The overall appearance and feel of the place was calm and safe. We were greeted by people who took the kitten from me immediately, assuring us that they would find it a good home and give it the care it needed. No one asked for a donation of any kind, but we gave one, and we will continue to give them something each year. These folks saved our vacation. My heart broke to leave the kitten behind, but I knew he would be well cared for and that when a home was found for him, someone was going to welcome the love of their life into their heart and home. Thank you Twin Falls Animal Shelter for being there.

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