Trust Fall

My second novel, “Trust Fall” is set at the US Fish and Wildlife Service National Conservation Training Center near Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The landscape is rich with American history that still has a strong influence on the future. Will treasure from the past become too great a temptation to ignore and will it be a reason for murder?

Refuge Manager, Donna Winship is off to West Virginia to receive training at the National Conservation Training Center - the US Fish and Wildlife Service's premier training facility.  Along with her luggage she carries baggage from past romantic entanglements that still haunt her. Training and the beautiful wild surroundings of the campus won’t keep her from facing the temptations that have always gotten her into trouble in the past and Donna’s resolve to clear her mind of men will be severely tested.

Donna, facing some sleepless nights, soon finds herself investigating unusual activities taking place on campus. Wildlife isn't the only thing wandering around in the dark and a sinister purpose begins to unfold. When Donna later discovers the body of a fellow classmate, she realizes that up and coming leaders in the Service are a target for a killer. A murderer intrudes onto the campus where learning to trust is part of the curriculum and students drop their defenses.

The training center is located on land that has a rich Civil War history, where one of the plantation owners was rumored to have operated a portion of the “underground railroad”. The body count increases and only Donna might know who the killer could be. Donna finds herself in danger and, she finds herself falling for two men who could lead her into more trouble.

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