My Cats

Meet some of my life companions. My husband and I attend to their every need. Yes they are cats, but don't tell them that. All of the characters in my books are fictional with the exception of Pete and Poe in Erie Ending. Pete is modeled after Handsome and Poe is Simon all over.

The one looking right into the camera is Handsome. He sadly passed away a few years ago but will always remain in our hearts and always on my website. He believed he was human as you or I and he tolerated the fact that we own a cat. That would be Simon. He is now the oldest with over 15 years to his credit. Simon is just cute and likes to be fed and cuddled. He is sometimes referred to as Greedy Gus or Sumo Kitty. No pretension there. I'll tell you more about them from time to time. For now I'll just share a few photos.

After Handsome passed we acquired two more shelter friends. They are Charlie and Casey. So now we have three shelter rescue buddies. I will share pictures of them from time to time.

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