Land Trusts...


One of the things I write about in my books is about those organizations that purchase land in order to conserve the land for future generations through easements or in fee title. These organizations are land trusts. They work with private land owners, developers, federal and state landowners and other non-profits to buy land directly or place it into conservation easements. To do this they depend largely on private, philanthropic support but are sometimes able to take advantage of federal or state grants as well as other non-profit group partnerships such as Ducks Unlimited ( ).

Land Trusts, with the help of members and volunteers, often conduct some conservation practices on the land themselves such as non-native invasive weed control, seeding, planting or removing contaminants or structures. In all cases they are interested in protecting and conserving lands so that the American public can have access to it and enjoy it.

In my story I've created a fictitious entity called LEOS – Lake Erie Open Spaces. While this land trust does not exist, nor the characters in it, there are indeed land trust organizations around Lake Erie and throughout Ohio that do purchase and protect lands and work with local governments to help them protect lands. They are very active in their local communities and can be an exciting group to work with or volunteer for. If you live anywhere in Ohio and are interested in this type of conservation, check out websites like,, and They will welcome your interest.

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