Erie Ending

'Erie Ending' is my first murder mystery novel set in the wetlands along the south shores of Lake Erie. One might think that working on a wildlife refuge would be a job that is very low stress. Like anything else, when it comes to love or money, things can become murderous!

When a gorgeous, man-eating environmentalist is found murdered on a national wildlife refuge, Angela Martin, the Refuge Manager is at first concerned about the paperwork she'll have to do. But when the accused turns out to be her good friend and favorite volunteer on the refuge, she joins the investigation to clear his name. Angela begins to look into the victim's life and she soon discovers she knows very little about any of the people she works with. She questions whether or not she should trust her gut instincts about them. Angela quickly learns that it can be murder when passion drives the desire for love, money or environmental causes.

“Erie Ending” will take you inside the workings of a wildlife refuge and with the people who put nature and the environment first in their lives. You will experience the passions of people who work in the environmental field, whether for it or against it, and that there is a story to be told in every meeting, every deal, every effort made to preserve the rich and natural heritage of this country.  Although the characters and the plot in the story are fictional, the locations are not. My writing is rich in setting that will appeal to visitors of wild places. If you've never been in a swamp in the middle of a wildlife refuge, I can put you there.

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