My books are works of fiction. Names, characters and incidents are products of my imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Locations and locales may exist but may be altered to further the fictional storyline.

Angela Jean Martin – protagonist of Erie Ending

Angela is a Wildlife Refuge Manager working for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. In her early 30s, Angela is slim and athletic with an olive complexion. She has short, dark slightly curly hair and brown eyes. Her complexion is clear and healthy, with a wholesome smile. She lives with her boyfriend LJ who is a computer programmer and her two cats, Pete and Poe. Angela loves to get on a motorcycle with boyfriend LJ and take road trips to see new places and eat new foods. She's a hiker and kayaker. In Deadly Secrets, Angela learns that she is clueless about the people she works with everyday. As she works to uncover a murderer, she discovers the truth about people and she begins to learn the truth about herself.

Gilbert Chavez – supporting character of Erie Ending

Gilbert is the Assistant Wildlife Refuge Manager for Angela. In his mid 30s, he is dark skinned, dark haired, lean and muscular. Gilbert hits the gym 5 days a week and jogs every morning. He is single and has many girl friends. He loves to fish, hunt and operate heavy equipment. He's Angela's right hand man although his smile can be a bit of a distraction to her from time to time.

Jack Brown – supporting character of Erie Ending

Jack is a volunteer of the refuge and close friend to Angela. Jack is in his 60s and is a retired truck driver. He is also a handyman of many trades, a widower. His specialty on the refuge has been to help build a greenhouse and grow trees for planting on the refuge. When he becomes the primary suspect in a murder, Angela jumps in head first to clear his name. She soon finds out there is more to Jack than meets the eye.

Kate Barnes – supporting character of Erie Ending

Kate is the Administrative Officer at the refuge and she is good at her job. She runs the office like a tight ship and keeps the staff on their toes. Angela depends on Kate, but Kate isn't always easy to please.

Lilly Weathers – supporting character of Erie Ending

Lilly is a volunteer at the refuge and a recent widow. She depends on her friends Jack Brown and Joe Spakley to keep her busy and when Jack is accused of murder, she keeps Jack in line.

Joe Spakley – supporting character of Erie Ending

Joe is a volunteer at the refuge and Jack Brown's best friend. He, Jack and Lilly work as a trio on the refuge.

Donna Winship – protagonist in Trust Fall

Refuge Manager, Donna Winship is off to West Virginia to receive leadership training at the National Conservation Training Center, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's premier training facility.  Donna's career is on track, and with this training, it will continue to rise. She's good at her job and enjoys it but this strawberry blond is leaving behind some baggage that has left her emotionally vulnerable. The problem is that while Donna wants to avoid men to heal her heart, temptation calls.
Sally Beaverton – supporting character in Trust Fall

Sally is Donna’s friend and confidant. They share a long history together and can count on each other through thick and thin.

Jeff Craig – supporting character in Trust Fall

With a smile that warms a woman’s heart, this man can’t be ignored.  He and Donna team up to discover some secrets at NCTC.

Deanna Bowles – supporting character in Trust Fall

A respected scientist, Deanna quickly becomes Donna’s new friend. Does Deanna know more than she tells?

Lowell Green – supporting character in Trust Fall

Also a respected scientist and long time friend of Deanna’s, Lowell becomes part of Donna’s team.

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